Mamibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner EXVAC660


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More Stronger

1800PA vacuuming power by 2600mAh Li-ion battery, EXVAC660 can work for over 120 minutes maximumly. In 3-4 hours the battery would be fully charged. IC-controlled water tank,Japanese brushless vacuuming motors. we made everything better than we planned to.

APP Control/ – Wi-Fi connected EXVAC 660 is compatible on devices with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Quickly find the charging seat for charging

EXVAC660 draws the cleaning map in real time at work, with built-in navigation and positioning, covering the house area efficiently and refusing to be missed.

EXVAC660 has a built-in imported gyroscope and a front-mounted ranging sensor to measure its speed and position in real time, easily avoiding furniture and obstacles

Key Features

  • Outstanding navigation system algorithmically: Powered by more precise sensors and elements including gyroscopes, infrared sensors, brushless motors, with Laser Slam navigation.
  • Multiple cleaning modes: 4 cleaning modes with APP to control cleaning modes at any time from anywhere. EXVAC660 maps cleaning paths on cellphone automatically and timely. It saves more time and avoids repeating cleaning.
  • Easy to operate: Wi-Fi Connectivity & Alexa Worked: Clean and schedule from anywhere with theWeback App application on Google Play or App Store or Scan the QR code on the manual.
  • Self-Docking and Charging; Suitable for all floor types and hard carpets Not more than a centimeter high; HEPA filtration for pet owners and allergy sufferers; Wet mopping:OZMO technology with electronically controlled water pump.
  • App control – To start, stop, recall your robot cleaner at any time, anywhere in the world as long as there is internet

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