Wozinsky Privacy Glass Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Pro Max with Anti Spy Privatizing Filter

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Wozinsky privatizing tempered glass with Anti Spy filter

Do the curious eyes of your fellow passengers bother you while traveling by tram or bus? Do friends surreptitiously glance at messages sent during meetings? It doesn’t have to be this way! Combine the protection of your smartphone screen with the option to increase your privacy. Tempered glass from Wozinsky protect your device against the effects of falls or scratches, and will provide you with complete privacy. Nosy, unwanted peeking will cease to be a nightmare once and for all – you decide who can see the contents of your smartphone!


  • Brand: Wozinsky
  • Model: Anti Spy

The most important advantages of privatizing tempered glass:

  • Privacy protection. Thanks to the Anti Spy filter, only you can see what appears on the smartphone screen. The screen will appear blank to a person looking from a different angle. You can freely send private content, e.g. traveling by bus.


  • Screen protector. If the smartphone falls out of your hand, the glass will absorb all the energy of the fall. Although it itself can be damaged, this is how it protects the surface of the delicate screen.


  • Easy to assemble. In the set you will find everything necessary to correctly place the glass on the smartphone screen. It’s easy and doesn’t require specialist support.


  • Without affecting the functionality of the smartphone. Although the glass is solid, it does not in any way interfere with the standard operation of the device. The image remains vivid and the sensitivity is not disturbed. You are using the device in the usual way.


  • No nicks. The glass is surrounded by a reinforced frame, which positively affects not only the appearance of the smartphone, but above all it is an additional edge protection. So there will be no unsightly cracks and no particles will get under the glass.

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