Mamibot Hybrid LDS robot vacuum cleaner EXVAC880 Wisor

The truly strongest Hybrid LDS robot vacuum cleaner with maximum 2880PA vacuuming power, 3 levels of water dripping speed, cleans about 150-200 sqm floor in one full charge. UP TO...
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The truly strongest Hybrid LDS robot vacuum cleaner with maximum 2880PA vacuuming power, 3 levels of water dripping speed, cleans about 150-200 sqm floor in one full charge.





LDS Generations LDS2.0 LDS4.0

Navigation Middle High


Map Saving Yes Yes

Timely map Yes Yes


Relocation Partly Available

After moved

Docking Middle Very high


Appointed Yes Yes

Area Cleaning

Mopping zoning No Yes

Auto Zoning Yes Yes

Water leaking No Yes


Water tank Max170ml 370ml

Max suction 2000pa 2880pa

Mopping mode Bottom Built-in



Smartness and high performance

R16+DDR A7 4-core chip combined with SLAM Algorithm Powered by LDS4.0 Laser Navigation


Smart Auto

and Precise navigation


2880pa super vacuuming by a fan motor of 23000rpm 3 levels of suction power


9.8cm slim, APP control the best Hybrid robot integrated mopping, vacuuming and sweeping


370ml water tank+2600mAh battery Mopping time: 90-100min Vauuming time: 55-110min

Choose the right mode for your house cleaning

The truly hybrid robot

Mops floor better

Resuming Cleaning*: when the robot is moved to another position manually, or goes for recharge in low battery, it will go back to the point to clean the unfinished area

Microfabric cloth

Gentle but tight

3 levels of leaking

Electronic Controlled

370ml water tank

Longer wetting time

6 Cleaning options

Which do you prefer?

Auto Cleaning

Automatically draws

smart cleaning plan

Virtual no-go zone

Set up your no-go area


Mopping and sweeping

Selective Cleaning

Appoint one area to clean


Set up multi

cleaning appointments

Max vacuuming

Choose 2880pa max

suction power

Abt 2880pa suction

Hair/beans/dust/even metal balls

can be sucked up easily.

There are three levels of vacuuming power 1000PA/2000PA/2880PA supported by a fan motor of 23000rpm to meet your various demands

Twin side brushes

Collect dust from two directions and gather in middle suction port

Optimized airflow system

Better air-tight minimize air leakage

3-level filtering

Primary filter+foam+HEPA avoid secondary air polution

Effective but easy brush

Effective in sweeping, easy for maintenance

370ml built-in water tank

3 levels of water leaking

Water dripping is controlled electronically by chip, mops an area of 150-200 sqm in one full charge Change to mopping mode automatically when water tank is on

Our water tank


water tank

370ml for bigger mopping capacity

Maximum 150ml only for smaller area

Stop dripping in parking, triggered by your order

Dripping whenever attached

3 levels controllable speed

Dripping speed not controllable

Bigger area in one 30CM wide cloth

Uneven leaking in narrowed area

9.8cm slim design

Reach furher, clean more

Normal floor cleaning

Underneath cleaning

Lower profiled

Wisor is lower than most LDS robots, it goes more underneath as beds/sofa /desk and other furniture

Climbs up to 2cm obstacles

Lab data for reference*

Wisor goes over carpets, thresholds, doorsills in no hesitation when the obstacle’s hight is not more than 2cm (0.8in)

ALL-IN-ONE APP Control Wisor is in when you are out

Scheduling, appointing cleaning area, adjusting suction power of the robot. Pause/restart/recharge your robot when you’re out.

House cleaning never becomes so comfortable.

Voice Controllable

Amazon Alexa/Googlehome/ Tmall genie compatible

Stylish designed

Looking Simple, Working Hard

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Mamibot Hybrid LDS robot vacuum cleaner EXVAC880 Wisor
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