RasPad 3-A Portable Raspberry Pi Tablet to Learn & Program in Mins

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  • 【PORTABLE RASPBERRY PI TABLET】An ideal Raspberry Pi tablet for programming, perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B. (✳Raspberry Pi is not included). RasPad with 10.1 inch IPS touchscreen LCD monitor, high resolution of 1280*800 pixels, 10-finger touch, and 5-hour battery life. Easily assemble in 2 steps and go.
  • 【EXTEND, MIRROR, & ROTATE】Thanks to HDMI, you can connect RasPad to other monitors for better multitasking or mirroring. Additionally, the triangular structure design and six-axis acceleration sensor allow it to be placed flat or upright on the table, as well as rotated 90°, 180°, and 270°for amazing presentations!
  • 【RICH EXTENSION INTERFACES】 All Raspberry Pi ports are available, including Ethernet, HDMI, Audio, USB, and Power. With RasPad, developers can have a convenient hardware-hacking experience thanks to a custom OS, RPi I/O interface, stereo speakers, GPIO extensions and camera mounting holes to build or install RasPad projects. You can start programming from anywhere with fun daily work.
  • 【ABOUNDANT APPLICATION】Compatible with Arduino, Raspbian, Ubuntu Desktop, Chromium OS, Android, etc. Realize a tablet to program, a remote controller, and a spare display. Besides programming, RasPad can also be used to 3D print, play games, build IoT projects, and learn Scratch 3.0.
  • 【RASPAD3.0 VS Other Computers】As an all-in-one Raspberry Pi tablet, RasPad 3.0 delivers greater portability and neatness compared with other computers. Featuring great battery management, built-in speakers, rotational use, and cover protection. TF card extension also included. Micro SD cards can be easily replaced without having to remove the back cover.

Friendly reminder:

To help our users to assemble and build projects with Raspad 3.0, we provided detailed tutorials including some examples (More projects will be updated soon) on our site: https://docs.raspad.com

RasPad-Raspberry Pi Tablet


RasPad is a portable tablet tailored for you to start making it immediately and working efficiently.

Comparatively neater and more portable than other computers, this is an upgraded, enhanced, and improved RasPad 3.0. An ideal programming tablet perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi Tablet. Additionally, it’s open-source and specially designed for physical computing projects.

A programmer’s paradise! An open-source, portable, wireless tablet with a straightforward software speeding up your creative journey. Make your ideas a reality.

RasPad is equipped with all the available development ports, such as Ethernet, HDMI, audio, USB, and power. 10.1” multi-touch screen with 720P IPS screen. Contains a Micro SD, Battery Status, Volume/Brightness Control, and On/off Buttons.

Features 3 x USB 3.0 port, and 5 hours battery potability. RasPad can be extended with a side monitor so that efficiency can be doubled boost.

About SunFounder: The SunFounder team is always at the forefront of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and IoT. From the first Hard-Copy Manual to the CD Manual, and now Online Tutorials, we have been working on providing a better learning experience for users and improving the efficiency of learning programming.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu Desktop, Chromium OS, Windows and more

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Tablet

RasPad 3.0 is compatible with Arduino, Raspbian, Ubuntu Desktop, Chromium OS, Windows, and more. We’ve also added a TF card extension. MicroSD cards can be swapped out instantly to switch OSes without opening the back cover.

A 10.1″ responsive touchscreen and RPi OS give you a user experience similar to that of an iPad. This is a great IoT project companion as it allows you to build millions of applications .

In order to show users how to use RasPad and what RasPad can be used for, we are going to put together some fun examples that will be accompanied by the online documents. As compared to traditional paper documents and PDF manuals, online tutorials will have a more friendly UI design with better user experience. For example, if you want to program, you can open the programming software directly and copy the code or download the code to your computer. Online documents from SunFounder provide timely updates and abundant content. Online Manual for your reference: raspad3.rtfd.io

There are endless possibilities!

RasPad 3- Home Assistant's Better Choice
Build Project via GPIO

Build Project via GPIO

For super easy connectivity, the GPIO interface has been retained. RasPad boosts your hardware prototype efficiency with 10+ times faster. You can build fancy projects anywhere anytime with the GPIO we make open to anyone.



Raspad 3.0 support Blockly and Python, so you can use Blockly to learn programming logic, then work with Python to improve your programming skills. With RasPad OS, you can choose any programming language you like, and start by create a new project of yourself.

Creat IOT projects

Creat IOT projects

RasPad can be used to create your own Smart Home IOT Project,for example, to remotely control lamps or more electronic devices.                                                                                                                        With RasPad 3.0, you can design millions of applications for your IoT projects, such as, Smart Ligtht Switch, Smart Device Control, Smart Curtain Control, Security Cam Control, etc.

As a 3D Printer Monitor

As a 3D Printer Monitor

RasPad 3.0 can be used as a project dashboard, like a datacenter about your 3D printer and the objects you print, so that you can adjust your printing process in time and make a record of your creative hacking and printing achievements.

Supports the Latest Scratch 3.0

Supports the Latest Scratch 3.0

Using RasPad, you can explore immersive learning resources and create your own tool or instrument. RasPad 3. 0 supports the latest Scratch 3.0.                                                                                                 The step-by-step guide can quickly take you from beginner to advanced maker.

Start to Play Games

Start to Play Games

The 1280 x 800 high-resolution of RasPad 3.0 delivers the high-quality visual experience that games demand.                                                                                                                                                    The built-in speakers produce realistic stereo surround sound and the screen is equipped with an acceleration sensor so the viewing angle can be rotated easily for immersive gaming and movie watching.

Package List

  • RasPad x 1
  • Power Adapter x 1
  • Micro SD Card Extension Board x 1
  • Fan x 1
  • FFC Cable x 1
  • Accel SHIM Module x 1
  • Heat Sink x 1
  • M2.5×9 Screw x 1
  • M2.5×4 Screw x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Ethernet Cable x 1
  • HDMI Cable x 1
  • Type C Cable x 1
  • Micro HDMI Cable x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • Manual x 1

NOTE: The Raspberry Pi 4B Board is not included.

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