RAB Holder for Arduino Uno R4 Minima/Wifi/Uno R3/Mega R3, Raspberry Pi 4B, Breadboard

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**Suitable for All Skill Levels**: Whether you’re an electronics novice, an experienced developer, or an educator, the RAB Holder caters to your needs. With its robust compatibility, it supports Arduino Uno R4 Minima/ Wifi/ Uno R3/ Mega R3, Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/3/Zero W/Zero, and breadboards 830/400.
**Safety & Durability**: Crafted from high-quality materials, this product promises long-lasting durability. Its design prioritizes user safety, preventing short circuits and offering enhanced protection for your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and breadboard circuits.
**One-Stop Development Platform**: Whether you’re an Arduino enthusiast or a Raspberry Pi developer, it provides a comprehensive and compatible development environment. From prototype design to actual testing, everything becomes straightforward and simple.
**Organized Workspace**: Say goodbye to the chaos and damage of circuit boards. The design of the RAB Holder ensures that all components and boards are stored neatly, offering a tidy workspace for your creative endeavors.
**Seamless Project Switching**: Managing multiple projects at once. The RAB Holder offers the perfect solution for multitasking, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different projects, boosting your work efficiency.


  • About SunFounder: SunFounder is an 11-year-old STEAM and Maker education company that helps beginners to learn Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP32 from zero to hero.
  • About RAB Holder: The RAB Holder stands as an innovative solution tailored for tech enthusiasts navigating the worlds of Arduino and Raspberry Pi. With its intuitive design, it not only streamlines your workspace but also ensures that every component has its rightful place. By eliminating clutter and enhancing accessibility, the RAB Holder transforms the way you approach and manage your projects, making it an indispensable tool for both novices and seasoned developers alike.

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