Raspberry Pi UPS Power Supply with Battery, Protect The Raspberry Pi and SD, 5V/3A Power Bank Expansion Board, Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/Zero 2 W/Zero W (Battery Included)

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● Raspberry Pi UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supplies ) module,compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, 3 and all Model B/B+ series. Also suitable for other boards powered by USB (5V/3A) such as Banana Pi/ODROID-C4/Libre Computer Board.

● Pass-through charging technology, battery pack included. It can charge Raspberry Pi and battery pack simultaneously.

● Battery protection technology, support over charge/discharge protection, balance charging and over heating protection.

● UPS module output: 5V/3A, battery charge : 5V/2A MAX.

● Battery capacity : 7.4V 2000mAh. Battery life : 3-4 hours.

learn more details, please refer to our online tutorials: pipower-v2.rtfd.io

What a UPS Does?

  • If your Raspberry Pi project needs to be powered all the time relying solely on the mains power system may leave you in strife. Dropouts and surges can be regular occurrences depending on your location and these often last a couple of hours.
  • Any power fluctuation can be harmful to your Raspberry Pi and a power outage will shut down your Raspberry Pi instantly. This means it will not shut down safely which results in any information being written to the SD becoming lost and increasing the potential for corrupting all of the information on your SD Card.
  • A UPS ensures that if a power interruption occurs with the main supply (interruption = blackout), a battery or another power source will jump in, take over the role of the mains supply and continue normal operation of the device without the system ever losing power. Often UPS is seen as the emergency power method. When the mains are repaired the UPS is then recharged ready for the next calamity.
  • All information is available in one online tutorial: pipower-v2.rtfd.io

Projects Where UPS are Invaluable:

Remote Camera System

Safe Shutdown and Data Protection

DIY Robot Car

How to Install a UPS module to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


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