Xiaomi Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse Silent Edition (Black)

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Comfortable size

The design has been developed according to aesthetic aspects and taking into account different data. We studied the structure and size of users’ hands to develop a mouse with the right fit and feel. The mouse is durable even with prolonged use. Multiple studies were required to create a mouse with the right fit and feel. The longevity of the mouse is evident even with prolonged use and testifies to the care that lies in its design.





Bluetooth + 2.4GHz dual mode connection for wireless and free working

The dual mode wireless mouse keeps your desk free of clutter and increases your daily productivity. Along with the support of 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth, the mouse can be connected to two computers. Simply press the button on the front to switch between the two computers.

2.4 GHz and Bluetooth mode – no more annoying click noise

Because the mouse’s quiet buttons do not cause annoying click noise, it is ideal for use in quiet places such as an office, conference room or library. Even at home, you can work with it for a long time without disturbing the family.

Use the side buttons to effortlessly flip forward and backward

On Windows, you can switch back and forth with the practical hotkey on the left. This is easy and efficient, whether you are working or surfing the Internet.

The surface is optimised for your comfort

The UV coating, the plastic housing and the tactile texture ensure a secure grip, even in sweaty hands.

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